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Hi, I'm Nicole ,
Holistic Genetic Practitioner and Somatic Coach

Holistic Health Practitioner,
Board Certified, AANWP

Certified Natural Health Practitioner, CNHP
Trinity School of Natural Health

Licensed Professional Coach focused on Somatics, LPC

Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT

Functional Genetic BioHacker 

Naturopathic & Functional Medicine Trained

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It was my own story of genetic variations as an empathetic person that caused me to study holistic health and genetics and the role emotions play in our genetic makeup.

My story is a complex one in that I had what I thought was chronic insomnia for decades.  This coupled with a plethora of chronic illnesses, generalized anxiety and depression, gut, metabolic and endocrine issues, compiled with trauma.  I would have health practitioners stumped as to why my labs were so off the charts and why I had so many infections.  This was conventional and natural practitioners alike.

I was exhausted but  I also knew deep down inside my body, I had the power to heal when given the right environment to operate in. So this started my journey learning as much as I could about natural health as well as the role emotions play in being well.  It was in 2014 that I learned about epigenetics and how genes can be turned on and off with the right environmental factors. 

My life experiences coupled with my education in naturopathy,  training in functional medicine & genetics and somatic approaches has allowed me to put the puzzle pieces together for my health.  When I found out about the role genetics play in poor sleep and  impaired detoxification, it was a big eye-opener for me regarding why I had the conditions I did and started me on the path of becoming a genetic sleuth.


My mission is to support others in being well by addressing the whole person.  I support others in their unique genetic blueprint, the life experiences, emotions and beliefs that has brought them this far in life.

Functional genetic testing is a personalized approach to health and happiness. Emotions are a large part of that as well.   I look forward to being the sleuth to uncover what your genes are saying and to optimize them into wellness.

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