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hI! i'M nicole

Board Certified Functional Wellness Professional, AANWP

Certified Natural Health Professional, Trinity School of Natural Health

Licensed Professional Coach

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Registered Yoga Teacher

Mindfulness instructor

somatic Practitioner

trauma informed Practitioner



it was my own neurological issues that propelled me into my path of learning...

I understand the journey, the frustration and the hopelessness...

I had severe headaches as a young adult.  Started showing neurological issues in my face through a crooked smile and facial numbness.  This numbness continued to show up in different parts of my body including my feet and right side.  It was my training as a Holistic Health Practitioner that helped me unwind the story of what my body was telling me.


So when I tell you I take a different approach, I am serious.

If you are ready to go nontraditional and are tired of searching high and low for ways to address brain issues without success.

You've come to the right place.

As an holistic health professional who was trained in naturopathy and functional health, I have been in the area of wellness for 23 years learning and unlearning while growing my arsenal of tools to support the whole person.  I've got a lot of specific experiences and information to share. I have been working with kids anything health related but my knowledge of the brain, our emotions, our trauma and generational imprints are all areas that many times aren't approached.  That's where I come in.  A 100% whole person approach.

Ready to help your child, tween, your family in a new way?

Functional Wellness is root cause wellness.  This means we get to the root of why your child or your family members are experiencing the adverse effects you are.  

It's a personalized approach to health.  Traditional medicine looks at the body as systems that can be taken apart or removed, however we know that we are interconnected beings.  Every emotion, thought, experience plays a piece in the unique wondrous makeup of you, your child and family.  We honor that uniqueness and work with you to bring that bliss to the surface.

My Story....


I wasn't always a wellness practitioner. Many years of my life I spent anxious, depressed with lots of health issues and a diagnosis of generalized anxiety.  Then the physical neurological issues presented.


I was determined to create a different path, so I chose to get to the root of my mental and physical challenges and this started me on this nontraditional path of discovery over 20 years ago.  

My education and personal experience applies to anyone experiencing these physical, emotional or life challenges.   It applies to anyone who wants to feel better and stop suffering.  

It would be my honor and privilege to support your child or teen and family on their journey.


Ananda Brains is a Natural Health Practice empowering families through Holistic Wellness.  We utilize our education and training in Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and kinesiology to get to the root of health imbalances.  We have training in Functional Medicine and lab testing.  We know the important role behavioral and lifestyle factors, environment, emotions, trauma, energy and genetics play in your unique makeup.  When these factors aren't addressed in their entirety that's when we see adverse effects.


Our practice also supports children and families with emotional intelligence and somatic experiencing.  It is proven that helping kids develop emotional intelligence is the foundation for a successful life.  Children who learn these important skills feel empowered to navigate through life's challenges without the need to numb out or avoid which in turn leads to healthier relationships personally and socially.

Learning how to tune into emotions, be aware of our thoughts, and learn life skills like boundaries, and self-reflection on relationships are essential to evolve into having healthy identities.  Society in general does not value the importance of a healthy connection to yourself and all around are messages pulling us away from these vital skills.

Ready to begin?

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