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How it works

STEP 1: Discovery

STEP 1:  Discovery

We start with a detailed intake, where we gather your current conditions, lifestyle, behaviors, likes, dislikes, social/emotional environment, personal and family histories.  This is a deep dive where Nicole takes a broad based approach and will go into areas that seem unrelated but are critical to the big picture of  connecting the dots.  This is a 90 minutes virtual consultation.


STEP 2: Root Cause Analysis

Root cause wellness is a structured method to identify adverse conditions affecting your health and wellness. We look at many factors that are creating these imbalances and the approaches needed to provide alignment to the systems for wellbeing.  Causes often depend on many factors including, genetics, lifestyle, behaviors, emotions and environment.

STSTEP 3: Your Personal Roadmap

A personal roadmap to better health and wellness is developed working with you to add achievable steps that empower you to being well.  This care plan not only physical supports but also the undercurrent of processes in emotional, genetic, environmental, energetic and spiritual wellbeing.  You will be supported and heard as you will be in contact with Nicole regularly as we listen to the ways the body is communicating with the new changes. You will be entering into a new way of caring for yourself through true health and wellness.

Kids Running

How we started

It started with my own health issues, recovering from trauma and generational patterns that catapulted me onto the path of being mentally well, physically well and spiritually well.  To take accountability for my own health and know there was a light at the other side of the tunnel I had been traveling through for so long.  

My mission is to let children, teens and families with brain struggles know there is hope.  There is another way, a way back to happiness and joy where you are not stuck in the continuous loop of hitting wall after wall without answers.     

You can experience bliss once again and overcome all the challenges that set you back.  

Know that there is another roadmap and it starts here.

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