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Genetic Testing what it can uncover and how it can empower you into health

Updated: Feb 7

Your genes not only give you the color of your eyes, hair color, stature and external attributes. Your genes also give you your personality, your beliefs and as well as how you manage stress or don't manage it. They store your childhood experiences and how you think about certain stimuluses and react from them. It goes even further into which nutrients are right for us and which don't work according to your unique genetic code.

How many times have you seen an ad for a supplement that sounds like it would help you with that obstacle you're currently experiencing only to get the product and it doesn't work that way at all.

Maybe it does nothing or perhaps it does the opposite.

Let's take a sleep supplement for example. Millions of people have sleep issues and they spend billion of dollars on supplements trying to find the ONE thing or combo of items that will let them get a good nights sleep. You may wonder, why.... One word... Genes. It's your genes that dictate what works and what doesn't.

The main function of a gene is to create proteins or amino acids. However when a gene has a mutation on it, it changes the way the gene is expressed which alters the amino acid sequence in a protein changing its function and expression. These variations in amino acid sequences can result in harmless variations like eye or hair color but more impactful variations affect detoxification, sleep, gut health, blood sugar regulation, neurotransmitter function, fertility and more. Methylation is an important process that occurs in the body, that is responsible for turning genes on or off. It acts as the primary driver for detoxification in the body and neurotransmitter regulation. However its not as simple as adding in a folate supplement if you have a MTHFR variant. Folates act as SSRI's, too much or not the right kind can result in increased anxiety/depression and if someone already has it, it can make it worse. Genetic testing also provides information if you are over methylating or undermethylating, if that's the case you may need different amounts of this key nutrient. It's best to know your unique genetics before embarking on a diet that eliminates certain food groups with major macronutrient protein. Poor nutrition, stress, environmental factors all can be reason's why a gene is turned on.

We are all born with a genetic blueprint inherited from our parents and their ancestors. This blueprint contains millions of variations or snps that contribute to how our genes function. Most of our genes are influenced by our environment. Environment is everything you experience daily from the outside environment what you see, smell, taste, hear, touch to your thoughts, beliefs, life experiences, food, water, exercise to the supplements you take.

Genetic testing allows you to get a introspective view of what genetic variations you have and to act accordingly to support those genes and their functions. Genetic testing empowers you to understand you are the director of your genetic expression. When you understand your variations you can be on your way to optimizing your genetics and human potential.

Nutrigenetics study how nutrients from food or supplementation can alter genetic expression. When you understand your biochemistry through genetic testing it can better help what kinds of foods or nutrients you need to be consuming on a day to day basis and what to avoid. You learn to eat for your genetic health, sleep for your genes, exercise and supplement for your genes. Your genes are your roadmap. An important point about this is also to know what you eat must be metabolized and assimilated in a way not to create stress on the body but put it in a state of balance or homeostasis.

Genes matter. They provide a distinct roadmap to wellness. Genetic testing allows you to understand your genes and have a personalized plan of nutrition and lifestyle components that will optimize our genes. Each one of us is different and knowing what works for us allows us to take charge of our genes and health in an empowering way.

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