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Somatic Body Centered
Emotional Wellness Coaching for Kids and Adults

There isn't an experience that you encounter that doesn't involve emotions.  However most of us, (adults included) have been taught to ignore emotions and repress them.  It has produced a society that isn't aware of their feelings and how to tune in and accept these emotions and develop a healthy relationship with them.

The resulting effect is that when we deny emotions they show up as disconnection in other ways.  Some of these include, disease in the body, personality issues like reactivity, lack of empathy, overinflated ego, bullying, control, narcissism and more.  Adults and children that aren't taught that all emotions have a place in life and learning how to work with your unique emotional makeup, struggle daily with heavy emotions that often times are due to the way it was always taught in the household.  This comes from a childhood where you were not being permitted to feel emotions and express them as well as generational beliefs about emotions.



Talk therapy is just that, talk, it allows expression through words but not a deep FEELING  of the emotion and where it is housed in the body.  Unfortunately it creates a LOOP where those emotions will show up over and over, NOT released permanently.

It is only through engaging with body centered competencies like somatic techniques that one can release emotions and

develop a new emotional baseline for navigating life.

Are you ready to change your trajectory on emotional wellness?  

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My experience with coaching

  • I've worked with hundreds of kids and adults 

  • Kids have ranged from age 2-17

  • I've worked in Montessori schools working 1:1 with children, training teachers and creating emotional wellness curriculums and protocols for the school environment.

  • I have worked with kids from public and private schools, homeschoolers and those with diverse backgrounds.

  • I have vast experience in the emotional cause of chronic diseases and uncovering and empowering children and families to step into solutions.

  • I'm a mom, holistic genetic professional, somatic coach and empath who has over 20 years of experience.

Lori H., FL

Nicole provided a safe space for me to share some childhood trauma and grief.  I had felt stuck but with Nicole's guidance we began to work through pain and loss using different modalities.  She gently guided me, letting me progress at my own pace while lovingly holding space for me.  She also gave me some somatic tools for me to use at home,  I felt lighter and released from the heavy energy I was carrying.  I recommend her highly."

Jenessa S.,

Owner Montessori School, FL

"Nicole's empathetic and insightful techniques helped our toddlers and parents.  She transformed our classroom environment and gave us emotional tools we still use today.  

Laura D., FL

"My son has often been misunderstood as his big, loud and beautiful feelings can feel very overwhelming to others.  Nicole worked with my son and in just a few short sessions he was able to regulate his emotions. We are also so grateful how she helped me and my son navigate grief and loss.  I will use her teachings forever."

Shiren R., FL

“Ananda Brains really helped my children to gain á stronger social emotional language and competency. Nicole knows how to work with children to help them and their families."
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