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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I expect my genetic test results back?

Usually between 1.5 to 2 weeks.  When you order your tests with your Holistic Genetic Practitioner you will at that time schedule your follow up appointment to go over your results and your personalized genetic roadmap to biohack your genes into wellness.

How do I begin?

Press the Get Started Button or go to the Contact Page and leave us a message.  Someone will get back with you shortly.

Where are consults held?

All consults are done virtually via Zoom. 

What genetic tests do you offer?

We off genetic biohacking tests focus on the areas of maximizing gene expression through methylation.  This is a critical area that impacts digestion, mood, immunity, nervous system regulation, autoimmune conditions, stress, detoxification, fertility, metabolic and endocrine function and more.


What is the pricing for genetic testing?

Most tests run between $199 plus consultations.  There are a few slightly higher.


Do you offer follow up consults after genetic road mapping is done?

Yes, we do.  We offer ongoing support per memberships.  Here we tweak your foundations and continue to provide education and consultations.  

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