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Ananda Brains

Holistic Wellness for Kids Brains

Why work with uS?

Ananda means bliss, our mission is to support children and families holistically through brain health.  We do that by addressing the root cause no matter what age you are.

We know that being well involves many parts and pieces and we are here to address all of them.

We are a holistic, functional health practice that knows when you work with the WHOLE PERSON then you get a reciprocal response from the body that moves one into healing.

Whole person wellness involves:

+ Emotional healing-the word "emotions" means to move out, yet the majority of what we see in most nontraditional wellness is that emotions are not addressed at all as being important.  We believe differently, we are emotional beings and emotions are valid guideposts for health.


+ Physical healing- we believe the body has the ability to heal itself when supported and cared for with the right tools.  We have supported all ages of children and adults, safely and effectively with holistic options.


+Mental healing- involves what thoughts, beliefs, ancestral patterns, what you are feeding yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.  This is a HUGE piece of wellness and yet so many are unaware of where you put your attention to can caused imbalances.

+Energetic and Spiritual health- everything shows up energetically first before physically.  We teach kids, teens and families how to take care of their energetic wellbeing and have regular practices where they connect with their true self and inner guidance.

+Genetics- our ancestral DNA and emotions play a large role in our health.


+Environmental- how our environment places a role in our health


+Social- what you surround yourself with or don't.


Brain Wellness for:

Lack of Focus

Memory issues

Neurological imbalances

Gut health




Anxiety Disorders

Obsession/Compulsion Issues

Extreme Moods 

History of Trauma

Worrisome thoughts

 There is no reason to struggle alone, one of the best things you can do is find someone you trust that can guide your child and family to the road to being well.

Kids Running

Are you interested in Learning How to begin Being Well?


The quickest way to get on the road to changes in your health is to start becoming informed about your food and what you are putting in your body.  Stay tuned for our 


how it works

STEP 1: Discovery

We start with a detailed intake, where we gather your current conditions, lifestyle, behaviors, likes, dislikes, social/emotional environment, personal and family histories.  This is a deep dive where Nicole takes a broad based approach and will go into areas that seem unrelated but are critical to the big picture of  connecting the dots.  This is a 90 minutes virtual consultation.

STEP 2: Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis is a structured method to identify adverse conditions affecting your health and wellness. We look at many factors that are creating these imbalances and the approaches needed to provide alignment to the systems for wellbeing.  Causes often depend on many factors including, genetics, lifestyle, behaviors, emotions and environment.

STEP 3: Your Personal Roadmap

A personal roadmap to better health and wellness is developed working with you to add achievable steps that empower you to being well.  This care plan not only physical supports but also the undercurrent of processes in emotional, genetic, environmental, energetic and spiritual wellbeing.  You will be supported and heard as you will be in contact with Nicole regularly as we listen to the ways the body is communicating with the new changes. You will be entering into a new way of caring for yourself through true health and wellness.


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Upcoming series

Are you interested in healing generational patterns so you can stop the cycle within your children?  Would you like to be free of emotional imprints that determine your course and are holding you back?


"Parent and me generational Healing and emotional intelligence series"

Family Portrait

Age Genres

*Infant Series, Mommy/Daddy and Me

*Child Series

*Tween Series

*Menstruating Girls and Women Series

Brain Sketch

What's included

We will be releasing emotional patterns through tapping, acupressure, affirmations and journaling while introducing emotional intelligence tools to support each parent and child  in addressing generational imprinting and foster healing.

Kids Reading Book in Park


  • Group meetings virtually guiding you through the curriculum

  • Our team is energy workers, coaches and somatic, trauma informed instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions


What results can i expect?

Every person experiences healing differently.  Healing is not linear but some examples include, feeling more present and happy in your body and brain.  Having more enjoyable relationships present, more focus, removal of fatigue, heaviness, confusion and irritation.  Better sleep and feeling more energized and balanced.  Experiencing a comfort and satisfaction with yourself and who you are.  Feeling happiness in your body, mind and spirt.  More mindful, less overwhelm and feeling blissful.  :) Plus much more...


Optimal health requires dedication and self care to be truly well. We provide you with the tools to help you reach your goals. 

How do I begin?

Once you reach out to book a session, you will receive an intake form from Nicole to begin to get your childs health history, family history, ancestral health story and more.  Once the form is received back, Nicole will contact you to schedule a virtual session.  This initial consult is a 90 minute deep dive where you are able to share additional details and Nicole can get inquire more to understand history and occurrences more fully.  We will go into territory you perhaps haven't ever addressed with other health professionals such as emotions, past trauma, genetics and spiritual factors, which are a huge pieces of wellness.  From our initial consult a Care plan will be developed that involves wellness for the whole person.

Where are consults held?

All consults are done virtually via Zoom. 

Why is Emotional regulation and Somatic experiencing important?

Getting in tune with one's emotions and where they are feeling and sensing it in the body is the way to a healthy relationship with oneself.  Many adults have never learned how to understand what their emotions are communicating to them and therefore have challenges on how to effectively teach their children these skills.  Children are constantly noticing, reacting, adapting and developing ideas based on the emotional experiences they encounter.  The frontal lobe of the brain is still developing and so its vital that the ways they learn to cope with challenging emotions is taught in a healthy way.  Studies have shown that children that are mindful and can recognize their feelings and where they come from  and how to respond to these emotions are more successful in life, have a healthier relationship with themselves and others, are more motivated, focused, and empathetic.

We teach children to sound words and brush their teeth, yet we fail to equip them with emotional education to improve the quality of their lives.

Research has shown that incorporating these valuable tools empowers children and they tend not to reach for drugs, alcohol or other substances to numb out uncomfortable feelings or circumstances they encounter.

let's begin

Ananda Brains really helped my children to gain A stronger social emotional language and competency. Nicole knows how to work with children to help them and their families.

Shiren R., FL

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